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  1. Measurements performed at PMOD/WRC

    Several solar irradiance measurements are continuously performed at Davos. Since 1993 UV broadband radiometers are installed around the institute at 1610 m a.s.l. (see picture below, left). The horizon is free down to about 70 deg where the mountains are limiting the view (see picture at bottom of page). In addition, PMOD/WRC also equipped a UV research station in the observation and investigation field of the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF),which is located at the vicinity of the Weissfluhjoch (WFJ) at 2540m a.s.l. (see pictures below).

    These instruments measure the three erythemally weighted UV (UV-B) components - direct, diffuse and global solar irradiance, plus UV-A. At WFJ also reflected UV-B, UV-A, SW and upwelling LW radiation is recorded for albedo investigations.

    Both stations are additionally equipped with direct, diffuse and global solar shortwave (SW) instruments.

    In 2007 a triad of broadband radiometers has been installed on the roof of PMOD/WRC measuring erythemally weighted solar irradiance (see pictures below). The triad consists of the three major types of broadband radiometers: Kipp & Zonen UV radiometer, SL501 radiometer from Solar Light and UVB-1 radiometer from Yankee Environmental Inc. (YES). Two additional SL501 radiometers record erythemally weighted solar irradiance.

    PMOD/WRC takes part in the UV-Network of Austrian, Bavaria and Graub√ľnden operated by the Medizinische Universit√§t Innsbruck ( and of Switzerland operated by MeteoSwiss (

    The double monochromator Brewer spectrophotometer continuously measures spectral solar irradiance from 285 to 365 nm and the total ozone column over Davos.

    The last picture shows the narrowband UVPFR. The instrument has four channels, three in the UV-B range with center wavelengths at 303, 310 and 319 nm and one channel in the UV-A range at 340 nm. The data is used to derive the aerosol optical depth of the atmosphere.

  2. The horizon of the roof platform
  3. Instrument Locations:

    PMOD (roof platform):

    • latitude: N 46.80y
    • longitude: E 9.83
    • altitude: 1610 m a.s.l

    PMOD UVB-Direct Biometer (front terrace):

    • latitude: N 46.80
    • longitude: E 9.83
    • altitude: 1590 m a.s.l

    PMOD Brewer #163:

    • latitude: N 46.80
    • longitude: E 9.83
    • altitude: 1590 m a.s.l

    Weissfluhjoch (SLF testfield)

    • latitude: N 46.83
    • longitude: E 9.82
    • altitude: 2540 m a.s.l
  4. Instruments:

    S.N. Measurement ID
    SL 1493davcr7C01
    YES 010938davcr7C02
    K&Z 560davcr7C03
    SL 3860davcr7C04
    SL 1492davcr7C05
    SL 1492davcr7W05
    SL 1497davuvbglo
    SL 8890ydavuvbdif
    SL 2848y/davuvbdir
    SL 2851davuvaglo
    SL 3864wfjuvbglo
    SL 3863wfjuvbdif
    SL 3862wfjuvbdir
    SL 3865wfjuvbref
    SL 2876wfjuvaglo
    SL 2877wfjuvaref
    K&Z 960298wfjvisdif
    K&Z 960109wfjvisdir
    K&Z 950003davvisglo
    K&Z 920091davvisdif
    K&Z 970147davvisdir
    K&Z CM22 020059davvisW01
    PSP 20655F3 davvisW02
    B&W 33385F3 davvisW03
    K&Z CM21 930143 davvisW04
    K&Z CM22 990010 davvisW05
    K&Z CM21 970401 davvisW06


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