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LYRA Pictures

Filter head Vibration test at Contrave Space in Oerlikon Satellite integration, Verhaert Space System, Belgium LYRA integrated on satellite
Partly assembled instrument Fully assembled instrument PROBA-2 in space LYRA integrated on satellite
LYRA internal analog to digital converters The LYRA satellite The ROCKOT launch system ready to go Plesetsk launch pad, Russia

LYRA Technical Data

ProjectstartApril 2003
ProjectbudgetEuro 860'000
Instrument deliveryMarch 2007
Launch2 Nov. 2009
Average power consumption3.2 W
Weight3.533 kg
Dimensions315 x 220 x 80 mm
Data rate20 kByte/per Orbit
Filters121.6 nm (Lyman alpha), 200-220 nm (Herzberg), 17-70 nm (Al), 1-20 nm (Zm)

PROBA-2 Technical Data

Launch2 November 2009 (auxiliary passenger of SMOS)
Launch sitePlesetsk Cosmodrome, Russia
OrbitAltitude between 700 and 800 km, Sun-synchronous
Inclination 98.298 degrees
Attitude controlSun-pointing with automatic manoeuvring
Nominal life2 years
Dimensions600 x 700 x 850
Mass130 kg
Power consumption53-86 W
RFS-band, 64 kbit/s uplink; 1 Mbit/s downlink
Number of scientific experiments4
Developed byEuropean consortium led by Verhaert Design and Development NV (BE), a subsidiary of QinetiQ (UK).

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