The CLARA Space Experiment Onboard NorSat-1

The "Compact Lightweight Absolute Radiometer" (CLARA) is a payload onboard the Norwegian NorSat-1 nano-satellite. CLARA is a new generation of radiometer to measure the Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) which is the mean energy input from the Sun to the Earth. Measurements of TSI from space have been conducted since 1979 by various institutes, and has an average value of 1361 W.m-2. The main science goal of CLARA is to measure TSI with an uncertainty better than 0.4 W.m-2. The CLARA space experiment sets new standards for TSI radiometers in terms of a reduction in weight and size without compromising on accuracy and stability. Along with its forerunners, VIRGO and PREMOS, CLARA continues the long-term involvement of the PMOD/WRC in solar research.

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Latest news from the Operations Control Centre at the Norwegian Space Centre
14 July 2017

The CLARA radiometer PMOD Clean-room NorSat-1

PMOD/WRC Press Releases and Factsheets Date
pdf CLARA/NorSat-1, press release (PMOD/WRC)
14 July 2017

pdf CLARA factsheet (Norwegian Space Centre)
14 July 2017

pdf NorSat-1 factsheet (Norwegian Space Centre)
14 July 2017

Movie Launch on 14 July 2017 (Roskosmos)
14 July 2017

Movie Launch on 14 July 2017 (YouTube)
14 July 2017

Movie The Soyuz-Fregat rocket being raised into launch position,
11 June 2017, Baikonur, Kasachstan (YouTube)
11 July 2017

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